Get the SORBET…
Fresh new colours for 2015!

“SORBET is zak!designs sweet temptation for the new year”.

Fresh and fashionable, Sorbet is the sensational colour scheme that will complete the new 2015 collection and the existing range of zak!designs products.

Kiwi, berry, candy pink and sky blue, these 4 delicately sweet colours are sure to set the trend!

On the menu, 3 deliciously new collections for you to try:


A collection of little happy spoons and bowls where boudoir vintage style design is sprinkled with delicate sorbet tones.


Floating tea balls, tea filters and tea stirrers, a little saucer for the tea bag or sugar cubes & a slice of lemon, sugar shakers, salt & pepper pots, egg cups etc…

It’s the ultra-feminine flower-inspired collection.



This bottle with its integrated straw will be noticed for its unique design and dazzling colours.


You’ll find many other sumptuous surprises in the 2015 catalogue.

Recipe for a delicious décor: zak!designs, a pinch of love, a spoon of originality & a touch of fun!

Get the party started
with Sombrero!

How do you create a party presentation that is trendy, original & fun?
The answer: With Sombrero!
zak!designs are proud to present their new stackable cake stand. Contemporary in design, multifunctional and available in a wide array of colours, it is perfect for presenting your sweets, snacks & appetizers.

Colour, innovation & contemporary design…

Sombrero comes in a dazzling display of colours. Choose the green and hot pop colours to liven up the party or the more discreet black and white stands for a touch of class. There is a colour for every occasion. The choice is yours!

Another advantage: it’s unique shape!
It cleverly combines elegance with the exotic. This stack of Mexican hats is simply delightful…

For a festive table that is 100% practical and 100% fun!

Each Sombrero stand has 7 different stacking possibilities. There are 4 separate hat platters that you can stack up as you choose. They are easy to put together creating a 2, 3 or 4 tier serving stand. Perfect for cakes, canapés, fruit etc. All sweet and savoury delights are allowed!

Available in 4 colour combinations: Hot pop, black, white, or green.


A new, elegant and
colourful wave of tableware.

Wave is the new & sophisticated Autumn/Winter collection by zak!designs. Like a ripple in the water, fine lines sweep around the bowls creating an embossed finish.

Stone is the new season’s colour. The deep taupe grey hue with a hint of purple, contrasts beautifully with the berry, coral, kiwi & mint colours.

The salad servers with long handles and rounded tips are perfect for tossing and serving your favourite salads.

Finally, the round serving platters complete this elegant collection that you will appreciate and enjoy having at your table.

Dress your table to impress with Wave; colourful, dynamic and original tableware by zak!designs. 


On the go!
The colourful nomad collection

With zak!designs nomad collection, you'll see all the colours of the rainbow (even if the skies are grey!).

The 2-tier stackable lunch boxes in dazzling colours come complete with cutlery. Take your food with you and heat it up when you’re on the go!

Quench your thirst when you’re on the go…in the office, at a picnic, or out shopping with zak!designs water tight bottles.

Practical, with an original design the nomad lunch box and water tight bottle will fit easily in your bag and make your daily life easier.

On the go … The collection that moves!


Garden Rose
A breath of nature…

This beautiful flower in dazzling spring colours is an optical illusion! 

As you may have noticed, the Rose is actually a set of 4 rose-shaped bowls that nest inside one another. They are perfect for delicately presenting and serving your culinary concoctions,

Garden is the name given to this springtime colour combination: Green, kiwi, sun and cherry.

Garden Rose, a beautiful flower blooming on your table that is as useful as it is dazzling!


A whirlwind of colours!

Like a breath of fresh air, the refreshing colours will come and brighten up your lazy afternoon.

Swirl, a colourful collection of unbreakable stripy soda glasses and reusable spotty straws is the new must-have zak!designs product.

At home, in the garden, on the terrace or for a picnic…you will want to take Swirl everywhere.

The glasses are available in 2 sizes, for all your beverage needs. They stack to save cupboard space and for easy transport.

Get funky with this whirlwind of stripes, colours and spots! 


Hot Pop Duo
New summer colours!

zak!designs’ new tasty citrus colours are Hot pop: lime, lemon, orange and grapefruit. Use Duo, the sunny collection of serving and salad bowls, and salad servers to present and serve your summertime dishes.

It’s an all-terrain collection of radiant colours for the home, the garden, picnics, boats… You have the choice between 4 colour combinations, 5 different sizes of salad & serving bowls and 2 sizes of salad servers.


zak!designs brings you a whirlwind of new products for 2014!
Happy New Year!


This new swirl collection will get you swirling and spinning into 2014. The rainbow of coloured glasses and reusable straws combine stripes and dots for a funky look.

On the go

zak!designs brings you their on the go collection. Their colourful lunch boxes, flasks and drink bottles are perfect for taking to the gym, to work or wherever you go.  Get on the go with zak!designs!


This is where recycling meets design! zak!designs are proud to introduce their ‘eco’ collection of cereal bowls, serving bowls & trays made with 40% recycled melamine. The recycling technique used has been designed and patented by the brand. 

And of course, thanks to this technique, each piece is unique!


Rose Bowls
Offer a bouquet of roses!

These delicate rose petals are perfect for presenting and serving your delicious culinary concoctions or to offer a loved one.

With this 4 pc bowl set you are sure to impress your guests. They won’t be able to turn their noses up at anything!

Colourful – You have the choice between 4 trendy multi-coloured sets.

Practical – The bowls fit inside one another like a flower to save cupboard space.  

Big or small – You have the choice between 2 sizes: The big set for serving all your dishes or small for presenting snacks or sweets. They are ideal for birthday parties!  

Original – They make an original and colourful gift. They are nicely gift boxed too!  

As if by magic, you will feel a refreshing romantic breeze in your life…

With style and innovation, zak!designs will brighten up your daily life.


Sweet or savoury?
It’s a delicious winter!

zak!designs have expanded their Sweety collection of trays, cake lifters, plates and cake stands for your end of year festivities with colourful gift sets.

The little rose-shaped dishes, flower shaped plates and fun sets will let your imagination run wild!

Impress your guests with these colourful Crazy Picks cocktail sticks. They are perfect for starters & snacks or to jazz up the table.

The Rosy, Nesty and Tasting sets are perfect for an original present idea or any festive occasion.

The little sets of bowls will give an original twist to how you present your dried fruits, condiments, sauces and spices…and they stack to save space too!

It doesn’t matter if you are sweet or savoury, this collection is sure to brighten up your table for your end of year festivities!

Hot Summer
It’s a scorcher!

The ultimate summer collection! Scrumptious hot colours that look good enough to eat: cherry, raspberry, kiwi & sunflower. Made from virtually unbreakable materials, it’s the perfect multi-terrain set.

Hot Summer will be the star of your garden parties. With this collection of plates, bowls, dot dot glasses and rose-shaped salad bowls you will want to party all the time!

But what if it rains? The Hot Summer collection will bring some sunshine into the home!
Dots, flowers and colours...Add a touch of zak!designs into your everyday life!

The colourful, plastic dinnerware collection.

Dot Dot Pop!
Refreshing summer happiness…

The bright, colourful and virtually unbreakable Dot Dot ice tumbler with a lid and straw.

Freeze effect guaranteed! Just add ice cubes to your favourite drink and the Dot Dot tumbler will keep it cool & fresh for longer.

The lid with a seal and straw makes it the perfect travel companion. You will be able to take your drink with you wherever you go without spilling a drop!  

And it is dishwasher friendly too!  

Dotty and innovative, zak!designs…making daily life easier!

What’s hot!
zak!designs collection in a movie spot!